Tracking Twitter Traffic using Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you to know the visitors details to a website such as where they come from as well as how they engage with your content. It is also possible to get more valuable insights related to the visitors with the help of Google Analytics. There is another to see how the visitors come to your website from other social media platforms such as Twitter. Another feature like Advanced Segments in Google Analytics helps you to divide the social media traffic to look how your visitors behave while visiting the site. To use Google Analytics efficiently you must use the latest version of this tool. First you need to login into Google Analytics and select New Version option placed on top of the screen. Next you can see which social media website can help to receive more traffic to the site.

Most of the time visitors will come from Twitter will get less engaged even if there is more number of visitors due to the content in your website. This is due to the time spent by the people on your website which would be less. There is an option called as Traffic Sources where you can see the list of websites that is able to send traffic to your website. The next thing is you have look for the traffic source for your social media platform and set up an advanced segments to analyze the visitors to your website. It is also possible to create multiple advanced segments to compare both the results.

To create Advanced Segment to your Twitter account, first you must enter into the Advanced Segments option in the Google Analytics and select New Custom Segment. Then include the segment name to include the source. You will have multiple filters which must be included with OR statement and there is also autocomplete function that includes the filters automatically. After including the filter, try to press Test Segment button for testing it. After finding these segments it is possible to get insights about the visitors to your website. Now look at your visitors report to learn about their behavior after visiting your website and the way they get engaged themselves with your website. It is also possible to know the time spend by the visitor on your website by reading the content and the number of visits made by the same person.

Use the content section to see the number of pages a social media people visit your website, and what they look for in the site. Try to use these segments to see traffic received from the various social media platform and you will have an idea about how to get engaged with your visitors. By using lot of segment along with filter option, it is possible to get all the Google Analytics report in one place. By doing all this you can easily know your visitors behavior as well as engagement for a particular segment related to the website traffic.