Get More With Social Media Contest

Promoting your brand is very important to target the right audience on the social media platform. One of the ways followed by brands to promote them is by starting a contest on the social media channel, but how to achieve the most from your contest. Social media has become a major part of all the aspects around the contest. Here are few steps that can help to get more out of your social media contest and promote it.

1. Be consistent with your contest- You have to update regularly while conducting a contest on the social media channel. It is better to start your contest in stages which will help to maintain the consistent and create an excitement before introducing your brand to the audience. In the first stage you can announce the contest and get entrants to register to the contest. In the second stage you can select the entrants who received most number of votes in the first stage. In the third stage you can announce the winner and make the announcement in the fourth stage if required.

2. Make use of contest entrants- You can use the entrants of your contest to promote your brand even if they are not part of your final stage. Try to offer them rewards for just taking part in the contest which will help them to promote your brand. Everyone who gets rewarded will be ready to help your brand in one way or other.

3. Plan your updates- You can use social updates to support your contest. Try using organic or paid updates and even both the updates to get your contest promoted which can make it more engaging. The paid updates can be used to target a particular objective like getting entrants for your contest. This will help to make the entrants to engage with your brand in the most perfect way.

4. Promote your entrants- Apart from promoting your brands, the contest entrants will also get a chance to promote themselves. When the contestants support your brand to get promoted on the social media platform, they will also get exposed to the other users.

5. Use your regional connection- The contestants will mostly be from a regional area if your contest has restrictions based on the location. Then this will make your work much easier as all of the regional people will be briefed about your brand. The people around the particular region will also support the finalists who are from the same region which will make your contest really interesting.

6. End of your contest- Once your contest gets over it doesn’t mean that you cannot get any traffic through it. You can use the same contest information for several months to continue the engagement that your brand is receiving. Whenever you want to mention about your brand on the social media platform, make sure to mention about your contest and its related information to keep the audience engaged.