Tools To Manage Social Media Reputation

Social media reputation is very important as it will help you to know what people are saying about your brand. You have to put lot of effort to build a strong social reputation about your brand as it can have a direct impact on your business. Most of the people look for online reviews to know what the people are saying about their brand. Once you have built your social media reputation, it is very important to maintain it in the right way. There are few simple ways that can help to make your work easier in keeping up your reputation.

1. IFTTT- It is a simple tool that can be used by anyone on basic level. You can create rules to get latest updates on various details as text message by automatically photos on Twitter. Try to create a simple recipe with trigger and action channel. There are also ways to monitor about the discussion made by people related to your company with a simple recipe that will help to go through RSS feeds about various brands websites. To create such a recipe, go to IFTTT toolbar and select the option create. Then select Feed icon and New feed option which is perfect for you.

2. Me on the Web- This is one of the tool that helps to see personal data on your website. You can also monitor the mentions related to your company employees. It is very simple to use this tool, but make sure to create a Google account before using it. To use this tool you have to create an alert by selecting the option Stay current with web alerts and enter the search term that you want to include.

3. IceRocket- This tool is the right option for those who want to look for information on various social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and even blogs. You can easily use this tool without any account and enter the search term to see the channel which you would like to see. There are also a number of options available in this tool that can be used to personalize your search.

4. Topsy- It is a perfect search tool for Twitter users to look for influencers based on your company. By monitoring your influencers you will know what they are discussing about your brand. Select the Influencers tab and enter the topic in your search box. There are different options available in this tool which includes social search, social trends, social search and more.

5. Social Mention- You can use this tool to see the results related to social media trends related to your company. It also helps you to monitor multiple sites and find the important keywords which are used by the people while discussing about your brand. This tool has a search tool that can provide you real-time results. You can create RSS feed search to make the monitoring process really simple for your company.