Conducting A Twitter Contest

Those who are planning to improve their engagement in Twitter, the best option is to run your own contest. Twitter contests can be a creative way to get more followers and engage in this social platform. You must follow few simple guidelines while conducting a Twitter contest. It is easy to support your followers with the help of brand-related hashtag which will be used to enter into the contest. Try to use only brand-related hashtag that is very simple such as your brand name.

1. Know your Objective- First decide what type of contest you are planning to conduct and what will be your plan to achieve with this it. It is possible to get more number of followers by conducting this contest and you can also receive brand mentions related to Twitter.

2. Decide about Prize- Selecting the prize is an important part while making your contest more successful. Try to select the price that is very much related to your brand. Have a discussion with the team members in your company about the prize for your contest. The prize must be able to attract more people on the social platform. There is an option to join with some of the brands to make your reward more attractive.

3. Contest Type- Make a quick decision about your contest type and the way it can affect your number and quality of users you will receive. Try to keep your contest simple such as the users must just retweet to your contest than uploading photos or answering questions.

4. Determine your Results- Try to monitor the performance of your Twitter contest each time it is conducted to know the present trends. Monitor the number of retweets that is received for your contest which helps to demonstrate the value of your company. Some of the most common things that must be noticed for a successful contest in Twitter include scheduling the contest tweets well in advance, add image to receive more attention from the users, make sure to mention the terms and conditions for your contest very clearly.

Some of the Twitter contest that are conducted regularly include,
Exclusive offers- You can reach out to more people in Twitter with some exciting offers and this can help to share more tweets in return to the prizes. The offer you provide must be very special to make more users to enter into the contest.

Sweepstakes- This contest can be a perfect choice for to attract more followers to your main website page. When you tweet about the contest, try to share a link of your website page while sending a tweet about the contest which can make easier for the users to enter into the contest.

Retweet & Follow- Try to support the new followers by sending a retweet to follow the contest as it can help you to become popular in Twitter. Make the followers to answer a question or upload a photo to qualify for the contest.