Ten Important Things About Twitter

Twitter has been one of the best platform for sharing your views and opinions by interacting with people. It also helps most of the people in improving their business. Even though the users are well aware of the details about using Twitter in a perfect manner, there are few important things that are still unknown.

1. You can receive data of last 4 weeks using free analytics from Twitter- Those who are using the Google Analytics will see data that is related to their website traffic and Twitter also offers same kind of service with its free analytics. You must log in into twitter account and go to analytics.twitter.com to see the feedback of 4 weeks.

2. Tweeting at the right time- Those who feature international followers must tweet only during business hours that are Eastern Standard Time zone as there will be more active users during this time. You can also change your time schedule depending upon your main followers.

3. Having space for retweeting- Twitter only allows 140 characters for tweets and most of the people think that they must use all of these space to get attention. It is not true, you must leave space for retweeting for others to make the message spread easily.

4. Making promoted tweet invisible- Don’t make the promoted tweet for your new followers and select the option to send tweets only to accounts that following you already.

5. Using #FF Twitter that is ‘Follow Friday’- The #FF has been one of the popular hashtags used in Twitter as most of the people will recommend people about Twitter accounts to be followed. You must post interesting contents mainly on Fridays to receive the #FF plugs.

6. Disable email notifications in Twitter- By doing this simple step you will be able to disable all the annoying emails. To do this, go to profile menu in your Twitter account, click on email notifications and turn it off by clicking the button.

7. Always take part in a genuine conversation without using any links- Try to improve your relationship by taking part in right conversations as it can lead to meaningful engagement. Most of the people don’t do this and try to create spam.

8. Search function in Twitter- You can sear for more people to follow using this function. It is possible to find out the conversations that are happening at present while you are searching. You will be able to join in active conversations for sharing your view about a particular niche.

9. Increase web page visitor by embeding tweets- Try to embed the tweets that you make in your website. You can click on  (…) at the end of your tweet to see the Embed Tweet option and click to get the URL that can be included in the website.

10. Retweets can be earned by adding images- Most of the people don’t know that Twitter allows maximum of 4 images in tweets to create an impact and receive retweets. You can add all 4 images along with your 140 character tweet.