Why Twitter Marketers Should Bother With Keyword Research?

Since that I will be talking more about keyword research for the ones that you did buy Twitter followers, I think it is about damn time we move on to the next step. Are you now ready for the next step that I have in store for you guys and gals? Oh well, I think this is about time that you should be knowing more about this question, once and for all! Are you now ready for the question that I have prepared for you as a Twitter and affiliate marketer? Ok then, here are the two simple questions I have in store for you:

“Why Twitter marketers should bother in researching keywords for their own website or blog?”

“How come that keyword research was indeed very important as a Twitter marketer?”

If you can answer both of these questions, I think there is no doubt that you may start immediately as a Twitter marketer. But if you really cannot answer this question once and for all, I have no more problem to answer all of this for you, but in a very simple sentence. Right now, it is time that I am going to answer all of these questions for you.

The reason that you should bother with keyword research, is simply because this is very critical for you to optimize and rank your own website or blog, in hopes to get more traffic with it. I know that keyword research is good for SEO fanatics, but this may be useful also for Twitter marketers as well.