Twitter Marketing: List of Keyword Tools To Use

Now that you may know why keyword research was so important for you as a Twitter marketer, I think it is time that I may be revealing to you something that can be very interesting for you. But what makes you think that this is going to be very interesting to all of us who buy Twitter followers once and for all? For me, I think it is simply because as Twitter marketers, our mission is to become successful in our respective careers. Not only that, as long we are giving value to our own peers, I think there is no such doubt that you will be earning a lot of money with it.

Anyway, here are the keyword tools that Twitter marketers are using right now:

1. Google Keyword Tool

Probably, this keyword tool for Twitter marketers is going to be the most popular one, and it is totally free. But you will be gaining more results once you have logged in to your Google Adwords account for good.

2. Market Samurai

I have already tried this one, and it is a pure gem to me. Market Samurai has some advanced features that we can search sub keywords, all the way to the bottom. This tool is perfect for Twitter marketers too.

3. Traffic Travis

To tell you the truth, I have not tried this one, but they told me that this is one of the best keyword tools up to date. It has both free and paid version, and it is up to us if we want the free or paid one.