The WAP Connectivity For Twitter Users

Hello everyone who buy Twitter followers! In the previous blog post that I have in store for you lately, it is all about the GPRS mobile connectivity like no other. Would you like me to do a little recap about the GPRS connectivity for the ones we did bought followers on Twitter. Ok anyways, this kind of connection is not going to be free after all. It will be based on your mobile’s carrier on how they will be charging you per minute, per hour or even on a daily basis. Oh well, let me guys share to you about my friend from the Philippines who have this kind of experience.

It is quite cheap for him, as he only spend around less than $0.50 (equivalent to the Philippine peso) to gain unlimited access on Facebook and Twitter. How cheap is that, right? The thing is that when using GPRS, it will be good enough for you to experience some stable connection as of this moment. But this time, we are not going to talk more about GPRS mobile connectivity like no other. Instead, we are going to talk about another common connectivity for mobile users, and it was no other than the WiFi.

When it comes to WiFi, the only disadvantage is that you cannot connect to the internet without the presence of WiFi signals in your area. But the thing is that you can access the internet for free. Unlike GPRS, it requires you to subscribe on a daily basis, but you can connect anywhere you want.