FileIce Niche For Twitter Marketers: Weight or Fat Loss Niche

Finally, this is the third niche that I am going to reveal as a FileIce member and Twitter marketer at the same time. Without further ado, this niche was supposed to be one of the best performing in the world of Twitter, and on the niche forums as well. Do you want to know what kind of niche this is for Twitter marketers and FileIce members? Without further ado, to all of you who buy Twitter followers, I may simply call this niche as weight or fat loss niche. Are you really God damn serious about this niche? Do you really think this is going to convert very well to us as Twitter marketers?

Of course it is! You know why? It is simply because there are so many people on Twitter right now, who are very interested and desperate to lose weight and fat on their own. I have seen so many common tweets like this:

“I need to lose weight”

“I need to lose fat”

Those are two of the common tweets that you should monitor on, and you need to reply to that one. But how are you going to monetize it with FileIce anyways? Do you think it is going to be easy?

For me, I think that would be quite simple. The first thing that I want you to do is create a simple PDF file on how to lose weight or fat. After that, upload it to FileIce, put the link on your landing page and share it to your Twitter followers.