The Different Rewards To Twitter Followers

Hello guys! I think this is some sort of continuation that I have previously discussed about. I think you already know what I have discussed, by just simply read the last two articles that I have published right here in my blog. Here in this blog post now for the ones you buy Twitter followers, I will be now revealing to you the different rewards that you are going to give like no other. Are you now ready for the rewards that I am going to reveal right now? Without further ado, I would not let you wait any longer for good.

1. Contest reward is a kind of reward that can be easily received in a contest. What you are going to do was simply create a contest of your own, and show that you are going to be trusted by the participants, by giving them the reward as promised. For example, if your reward is all about the Apple iPhone 4S, make sure that you have it right now, ready to be shipped away to the grand winner. Simply create an easy contest for all of your Twitter followers, like a simple raffle draw or ask them any challenging question.

2. Incentive reward is a kind of reward that you are going to give after they have completed a task from you. For example, if you let them complete a survey that you have, a reward will be given to the one who finished your own task. It might be very easy, but each one of them should have a reward.